The future U. S. president in games for the Xbox 360

October 16, 2008, 11:34 am

the future u. s. president in games for the xbox 360   The material promoting a candidate for president of the U. S. Democratic Party, Barack Obama (Barack Obama), will appear at once in 10 games for the Xbox 360, including such popular projects as Burnout Paradise, Madden NFL 09. These ads will appear in virtual worlds and 3 November 2008. Remember that this area is firm Massive, owned by Microsoft. Game advertising for the PS3 manages the organization of IGA Worldwide. With regard to John McCain (John McCain), he did not take advantage of this type of promotion.
Recall that the very idea of advertising in games is not something particularly new. In this work, many well-known manufacturers. For example, recently the executive director of Electronic Arts John Risitiello (John Riccitiello) discussed the topic with investors.
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