Futuristichnye windscreen wipers help older drivers

May 14, 2008, 4:04 am

futuristichnye windscreen wipers help older drivers   General Motors Corporation engineers began work on a system consisting of high-tech automobile windshield equipped with laser, infrared sensors and cameras, and special coatings windscreen to help elderly drivers and people with weak eyesight U. S. to manage the vehicle. According to U. S. statistics, at present, 12 per cent of the population is 4 people aged 65 years and older, and by 2030 this figure will grow to 20 per cent. Most of them have weak eyesight and can not drive cars, especially in poor lighting conditions.
While the majority of automotive safety systems, visualization and navigation using small displays, experts suggest General Motors used for that purpose all the car windscreen. Sensors and cameras would be on the windshield to detect dangerous objects and people carry road and warn about this driver. All objects will be found and highlighted sharp allocated on a general background. This system will use a special transparent glass coating, which shines in places illuminated ultraviolet. Also invited to allocate road markings and boundaries of the roadway.
Currently, specialists General Motors deal with the distortion of images on glass in different positions driver, refining laser and infrared sensors, as well as work to promote this system. Also, they plan, if successful, further develop this technology and use it to display on the windscreen of various car information such as data navigation systems, information on traffic jams and accidents on the roads, etc. During movement driver should not switch its attention from the road on the small displays of various automotive systems and new technology from General Motors should allow to solve this problem as not better.


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