Gallery:Where to go dead gadgets ?

April 8, 2009, 3:58 pm

gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?gallery:where to go dead gadgets ? 
gallery:where to go dead gadgets ?   In this age of concern about the environment more and more companies are beginning to fret issues of obsolete technology. Previously, many American manufacturers sent the box with the old chips and monitors in China, but after the recent press reports this practice came under fire in the press.
Under pressure from public opinion and the difficult economic situation, many firms are forced to build recycling at home. In this approach, even has its pluses, because producers are able to save some of the material (although a special profit of such processes and do not).
Wired Staff had recently been able to attend a special plant for the old technology, with which the many major players in the American IT-market. These workshops are part of Sims Recycling Solutions. It deals with various technical debris:microprocessors, digital cameras, batteries, old computers, cables, etc.
As you can see, the whole process is not fully automated. Often requires manual human labor. Looks very favorite place as a cemetery equipment. View other interesting images here.
As a result of piles of garbage to be able to behold such neat containers with processed materials.


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