Game Anabioz RELEASE:Son of reason

December 9, 2008, 9:27 am

game anabioz release:son of reason   A release games Anabioz:Son of reason from Action Forms. Uzhastik appear on prilavkah stores in three versions:
  • in the normal dzhevel-packing;
  • in DVD-box complete with a user guide;
  • in the Limited Edition complete with a user guide, pendant, thermometer, gloves and flashlight (this version, we told you earlier).
Effects of the game unfolding aboard the atomic icebreaker north wind. Chief hero to find out what happened to the crew and try to get out of dangerous places alive. In addition to the fight against multiple monsters, you will also have to constantly scour in the search for sources of heat. Otherwise protagonist simply zamerznet.
  • games. 1c. ru/anabioz


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