Game console in the U. S. :results of February

March 23, 2009, 6:08 pm

   Best-selling game console Nintendo Wii continues to expand its influence in the industry - on the basis of February, its share in total sales in the U. S. reached 74%, allowing it even further away from competitors Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.
In general, despite the global economic downturn, gambling industry prefixes shown excellent growth. Compared with February of last year growth of shipments to double the number, the research company NPD Group. Revenue manufacturers increased by 11% to $ 481, 4 million to $ 532, 7 million
Last month Nintendo sold 753 thousand of their game prefixes in the USA. Microsoft was able to realize 391 thousand consoles, 53% more than last year. And the PS3 has shown negative results - the volume of sales amounted to 276 thousand and decreased by 1, 7% compared with February 2008.
The most popular game in February was recognized by Street Fighter IV from Capcom. There were sold 849 thousand copies prefixes for Xbox 360 and PS3. Overall games sales rose 9% to $ 673, 3 million to $ 733, 5 million


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