Where the game goes more garbage ?

April 9, 2009, 7:00 pm

where the game goes more garbage ?   Staff Edge had a very interesting study. They compared the evaluation of games that came out on PS3 and Wii. As a result, experts want to know what exactly prefix is more bad games. Authors Edge projects grouped in two groups:the first brought things to a rating of over 85%, while the second - with estimates below 65%. The result was reached here, such results here.
According to the Edge, 17% of games for PS3 have high ratings, while 30% were evaluated below 65%. These data are in principle compatible with a similar comparison of projects for Xbox 360. On the Wii this hits naskrebli only 4%, and the remaining 54% received low ratings.
So, what exactly goes on Wii possible a large number of second, no one interesting craft. However, for the owners of the stations, such communication is unlikely to become a great news.
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