Games DSiWare are quality and not quantity

April 8, 2009, 11:46 am

games dsiware are quality and not quantity   Wired Staff had recently talked with the president of the American branch Nintendo Reggio fils-Eymom (Reggie FIls-Aime) about DSi games to DSi Shop. According to him, all these projects are loaded (DSiWare) will be, above all, different quality of performance. Publishers will not repeat the mistake with the games for the Apple iPhone, which is the number of divorced, that users can not make a choice.
Redzhi new service compares with the Film Festival, where it will take only the best, while others are similar to the virtual shelves of every kind of second crowded products as YouTube - bad video. In the future, Nintendo also plans to enlist the support of other publishers, who will produce for the DSi Shop no less quality and interesting products. There are six weeks after the start of sales of DSi in the United States.
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