Gartner:IT-10 strategic technologies of 2009

October 23, 2008, 6:20 am

   Gartner Inc. Virtualization awarded the first number in its annual list of the most significant technologies. It is anticipated that the use of virtualization will not be limited to servers, and spread to various data-center operations.
Many participants list Gartner appeared in the past year. But now their relative importance has been adjusted in accordance with the results, and this is the feedback. These technologies have the potential for an explosion or a segment of the market in any way, - said David Sirli (David Cearley), analyst Gartner.
1. Virtualization (Virtualization, 5 year earlier)
In predicting the impact of the economy to spend the information technology industry Gartner attributed to the virtualization technology, without which it can not do. However, the inclusion in the list suggests that the technology will be able to go beyond the sector servers.
In the storage virtualization will allow users to combine different types of generation technologies and data warehousing. This gives freedom to be mixed and the combination of technologies based on competing proposals - adds Gartner analyst Carl Klaunch (Carl Claunch).
2. Cloud computing (new)
If there was a list of the most razreklamirovannyh technology, cloud computing would have won the first place - finds Sirli. But Gartner sees this technology the ability to play a significant role in changing the situation on the market, not only as a platform for software applications and services, but also as a base for information and business processes.
3. Computing fabrics (8)
Computing fabrics combines only those resources that are required at this time. Computing centers could potentially abandon the individual small, medium and large servers in favor of this model. Blade-servers are part of that ability - to manage capacity memory and processor - but it is limited to the characteristics of the chassis.
4. Web-oriented architecture (Internet-oriented architecture, Web platform - 7)
Gartner have in the past year stated that the Network will become a model of delivery of services. This year is already under discussion within the architectural approach and model of the Internet will affect the service-oriented architecture. This architecture uses a Web-standards, identifiers, formats and protocols.
5. Enterprise mashups (Meshapy data, 6)
Meshapy a serious tool for users using API quickly combine various kinds of services and opportunities. The tool of content gives business users the flexibility to combine internal business data and external information.
6. Specialized systems (specialized systems, new)
Despite the fact that there are multifunctional devices, is always an opportunity to perform an operation with the help of a specialized system. This method can lead to reduced costs and emerge as a new trend.
7. Social software and social networking (social applications and social networks, 10)
tools to enable organizations to work more dynamically.
8. Unified communications (Universal Communications, 2)
Gartner believes that within 5 years, the number of different suppliers may decrease by 50% due to universal communication.
9. Business intelligence (intellectual resources of businesses, new)
This technology is not a novelty for the organization, but the increase in computing power gives companies the opportunity to expand the use of intellectual resources companies, for example, introducing BI-analytics directly into business processes.
10. Green IT (Green Technology, 1)
The technology has already become a strategic and will not lose relevance. IT is all green, which helps reduce the cost of energy and fuel.


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