Gartner expects the completion of the boom in virtualization

April 15, 2009, 1:16 pm

   In a region that includes Europe, Middle East and Africa (Europe, Middle East and Africa, EMEA), the market for virtualization will be stable this year, led by the virtual desktop (hosted virtual desktop, HVD). However, Gartner warns that the global economic slowdown may temporarily slow down the development of technologies designed to save even corporate resources.
The current recession, which had an impact on many economies EMEA, may briefly suspend the introduction of virtualization technologies, so producers should be aware of how these technologies can save money for the organization through better server utilization and lower costs for its power and cooling in data centers, - said Gartner analyst Rene Millman (Rene Millman). Despite the recession, Gartner predicts that in 2009 revenue for virtualization in EMEA region may increase by 55%, from $ 440 million to $ 681 million this year.
As the functionality is seeking hypervisor embedded in hardware, the original source of growth will be a market for server virtualization management, which will grow to 54, 3%, to $ 325, 8 million by the end of 2009 - alleged in a statement Gartner. The emerging market for virtual desktops (HVD) in EMEA, which amounted to $ 16 million in 2008, has tripled its volume by the end of this year, says Gartner. HVD - is fully customized environment of thin client operating system and applications launched on the virtual desktop.
On the basis of the rate of introduction of virtualization platforms, the United Kingdom, Germany and France are the largest markets. Together, these three countries account for 89% of total revenue in EMEA in 2008, which this year reached $ 297, 5 million Gartner predicts earnings growth on a global scale of software for virtualization by 43% this year to $ 2, 7 billion, compared from $ 1, 9 billion a year earlier. In addition, the proliferation of virtualization technology in the corporate sector is projected to reach 20% by the end of 2009, surpassing last year`s figure by 12%.


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