GE and Intel will together improve the medicine

April 5, 2009, 2:51 pm

   Recently the company GE, and Intel announced the creation of the alliance and the efforts to bring to market and develop a family of technologies that help older people live independently, and patients with chronic disease - to get help at home.
GE Healthcare, and Intel will work, combining scientific research and development resources to accelerate the introduction and use of next-generation technologies to be applied at home. Both companies plan to extend the ongoing program of care beyond the walls of medical institutions and broaden the use of technology to facilitate the lives of patients, to prevent accidents, timely correction of treatment, monitoring of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and general health status.
The company also announced the participation in research programs in the design of home devices to monitor health status.
GE Healthcare leading a consortium of private and public organizations, engaged in a three-year research project in this area and provide funding of $ 5 million dollars from the Government of Hungary. Intel and Development Agency of Ireland (The Irish Development Agency) established a Center for Development of technologies for independent living manage to attract 30 million dollars. The Center plans to combine research and production expertise to create the most technology of so-called independent living.


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