GeForce 9800 GTX with cooler Accelero Twin Turbo fired Zotac and Point of View

October 3, 2008, 12:55 pm

geforce 9800 gtx with cooler accelero twin turbo fired zotac and point of viewgeforce 9800 gtx with cooler accelero twin turbo fired zotac and point of viewgeforce 9800 gtx with cooler accelero twin turbo fired zotac and point of viewgeforce 9800 gtx with cooler accelero twin turbo fired zotac and point of viewgeforce 9800 gtx with cooler accelero twin turbo fired zotac and point of view 
geforce 9800 gtx with cooler accelero twin turbo fired zotac and point of view   Cooling system Accelero Twin Turbo from Arctic Cooling has earned recognition not only among computer enthusiasts who practice self-modification cards. High efficiency and universality of the new formulation of Swiss engineers seriously interested in many manufacturing partners NVIDIA and AMD. In the news 3DNews commented on the emergence of several graphics cards, equipped VGA-cooler Accelero Twin Turbo:EmTek Sapphire Radeon HD 4850, Force3D Radeon HD 4870, Inno3D i-Chill 9800 GT. Companies Point of View and Zotac, gave rise to continue this list.
Of BUILDING Point of View, a faithful partner NVIDIA, has released new model of accelerator-based graphics processor GeForce 9800 GTX. Caring for its thermal regime rests on the shoulders of dvuhslotovogo VGA-fan Accelero Twin Turbo. Copper base, four heat pipes, aluminum radiator with three dozens of plates and a pair of 80-mm fans cope with the challenge and heat dissipation with great success, rather than the standard cooling. As a result, video works at lower temperatures and more dispersed.
According to the engineers Point of View, setting up on GeForce 9800 GTX alternative VGA-fan from Arctic Cooling instead of the standard has improved the graphics chip temperature of about 10-20 degrees, depending on the quality of ventilation in the PC. Noise levels must also markedly reduced.
The new graphics card from Point of View is equipped with a 512-MB videobuferom operating at a frequency of 1100 (2200) MHz. Type GDDR3 memory chips are being sample 0, 8 ns, which theoretically allows them to accelerated up to 1250 (2500) MHz. The width of the tire memory is equal to 256 bits. The frequency of graphic core is 738 MHz. Streaming processors operate at 1836 MHz. As we can see, the developers of the Point of View refrained from dispersing the accelerator. The definition of safety will future buyers.
To connect to a monitor or TV ploskopanelnomu provides digital ports Dual Link DVI and HDMI, and one analog output D-Sub. To organize the transfer of HD-audio via HDMI, must involve the interface S/P-DIF. According to the press service of Point of View, accelerator GeForce 9800 GTX with cooler Accelero Twin Turbo should appear on sale immediately after the announcements.
The company Zotac, recorded in the ranks of NVIDIA partners last year, also distinguished release GeForce 9800 GTX video card with the cooling system Accelero Twin Turbo. Of the individual characteristics of new items, except for an alternative fan, there has been noticeable change in power circuits and printed circuit board razvodke, as well as equipping the only vosmishtyrkovym jack for connecting a supplementary feeding. Recall that the reference design provides two shestishtyrkovyh connector.
Videobufer volume of 512 Mb recruited from eight GDDR3 chips production of Samsung. Time sample at 0, 8 ns. As with similar models from the company`s Point of View, the producer did not dispel its new accelerator, despite the installation of cooling performance with four heat pipes, radiators with a large area of dispersion and two cooling fans. Operating frequency kernel streaming processors and memory coincide with the nominee.
The new graphics card Zotac GeForce 9800 GTX with cooling Accelero Twin Turbo should appear for sale in the near future, especially in the Asian market. In the Chinese computer stores its value should lie within the $ 205 (1399 yuan), which is very good for such a kit.


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