GeForce GTX 260 with 216 conveyors - a threat to the Radeon HD 4870

July 29, 2008, 1:38 pm

geforce gtx 260 with 216 conveyors - a threat to the radeon hd 4870   Now with full confidence you can say that for the emergence of a new company NVIDIA graphics processors and video cards from RV770 Radeon HD 4800 series was great shock. Apparently, kaliforniytsy did not expect that the progress of AMD with videochipe hint in the title to belong to Value-segment hidden such capacity, forcing forced to accept a measure of competition and significantly reduce the prices of their products. As a result of the last recommended price cheaper GeForce 9800 GTX graphics cards fell to $ 199, GeForce GTX 260 has become cost $ 329. Flagman accelerator GeForce GTX 280 also recommended markedly cheaper to sell - for $ 499.
According to numerous testimonies, including an official, the company NVIDIA has a clear plan to improve the competitiveness of their cards against a backdrop of a series Radeon HD 4800. The team of engineers is working hard on translating the chip G200 at 55 - nm manufacturing process. As expected, core G200b should be more attractive in terms of performance, profitability and energy production. In addition, the updated chip should speak in Hi-End segment, consisting of regular dual graphics card NVIDIA. By design the company`s management, the future flagship tandem with the 55 - nm chips confidently interception leader in 3D, now formally belongs Radeon HD 4870 X2.
No, it seems, the company NVIDIA pripasla another trump card in the sleeve. According to the site, invoking its own sources, even before the release of products based on 55 - nm chip G200b, California developers are going to bring to market an updated version of the accelerator GeForce GTX 260. At first glance, all this will be the same on the kernel G200 graphics card with 896 - with 448 MB of graphics - bit interface and 576/1242/1998 MHz frequencies, which competes with the Radeon HD 4870 is not as successful as I would like to NVIDIA and partners.
But, as everybody knows, the secret performance accelerator is not only in the amount of graphics, memory bus width or frequency formula. To increase the chances GeForce GTX 260 it was decided to use hidden reserves G200 nucleus and activate another cluster handling textures (Texture Processing Cluster, TPC), which contains 24 streaming conveyor. Thus, in an updated version of video card number will grow with the universal conveyor 192 to 216 pieces. Recall that a senior accelerator GeForce GXT 280 has 240 conveyors, united in the 10 clusters.
One must assume a new version of GeForce GTX 260 and the current will vary only the number of activated streaming processors in the nucleus. Market name, design and construction fees cooling system will not change. According to the source, the cost will also remain the same. Smooth ousting from the market the current version GeForce GTX 260 should begin in the middle of next month.
Udastsya whether the company through an updated NVIDIA graphics card to chip G200 markedly erode sales Radeon HD 4870, yet unknown. It is clear only that the upcoming battle in the fall of the productive segment of decisions between two spells competitors will resume with renewed vigour.


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