Genius LuxeMate 325V:a keyboard with buttons nozhnichnymi

November 26, 2008, 12:22 pm

genius luxemate 325v:a keyboard with buttons nozhnichnymi   Genius The company recently added to its range of keyboards wired news Genius LuxeMate 325B. The keyboard is equipped with a low key, which guarantee instant feedback returns and low noise when typing.
Genius LuxeMate 325V also boasts nozhnichnoy design buttons, which provides a smooth and confident entering keys, as well as the possibility of pressing on them with greater frequency. In addition, each key is more than 10 million clicks.
The keyboard is represented in three colors:white, black and silver. Weight model is 660 grams. The estimated retail price has already appeared in sales model is 645 rubles.


• genius 325B
• genius keyboard 645
• Genius LuxeMate 325
• genius luxemate 325v
• luxe mate 325b
• luxemate 325
• LuxeMate 325B
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