Genius Navigator T835 Laser:air mouse with a touch panel

December 3, 2008, 2:32 pm

genius navigator t835 laser:air mouse with a touch panel   The company Genius has announced the release to market a new model of Russia Wireless Laser Mouse Navigator T835 Laser.
The module provides a wireless connection Genius Navigator T835 Laser up to a distance of 10 meters, which allows you to control a personal computer or laptop off the desktop. A distinctive feature of this model is that the functions of Air-cursor, allowing alternative work with files and web-pages:the user can move the cursor on a computer screen without touching the mouse surface of the table.
opportunity to give a presentation using a built-in mouse, laser pointer makes novelty universal helper in the work. Scroll Wheel Genius Navigator T835 Laser replaced with optical touch panel Touch Scroll, capable of producing scrolling in eight directions. Turbo Scroll technology makes it easy to work with the voluminous text documents and spreadsheets and allows Internet navigation in an accelerated mode.
in the Russian market Genius Navigator T835 Laser appears in this month. The estimated cost model is 1917 rubles.


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