Geymerskaya Cheetah keyboard with colored LEDs

November 2, 2008, 6:09 am

geymerskaya cheetah keyboard with colored leds 
geymerskaya cheetah keyboard with colored leds   Taiwanese company BTC announced the start of sales in Russia playing keyboard BTC/Emprex 9051H Cheetah.
This is a professional manipulator BTC/Emprex 9051H Cheetah for kibersportsmenov. The main feature of the model - turning block with 17 programmable keys, which made WASD-group. The second notable plus - its lights. Changing colors automatically, depending on the intensity of your keystrokes, from blue to red to stand at a lively game. There is also a function of Dynamic Lightshow, which changes color in time with music.
Manufacturers also note the high quality materials and workmanship, quiet progress of the keys, compact size, convenient location USB-port and audio connectors in the BTC/Emprex 9051H Cheetah. In appliance stores appear to since the beginning of November, the recommended retail price of $ 110.
Some features of BTC/Emprex 9051H Cheetah:
  • Rotating game pack (30 degrees clockwise or counter-clockwise);
  • converted 17 keys;
  • 16 Kb internal memory to save the macro;
  • The two port USB 2. 0;
  • Audio output for the microphone and headphones;
  • Backlit keys.


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