Glu Mobile has announced five games for the iPhone

March 22, 2009, 10:29 am

glu mobile has announced five games for the iphone   The company Glu Mobile has announced five new games for iPhone and iPod touch. All of them until the end of July, will appear in the online store App Store.
The owners of Apple devices will be able to buy a simulator builder Build-a-lot, culinary mini-game Cooking Star, an original platformer Glyder, arcade with elements of Parkour Cops and Robbers simulator and mini-golf Mini-Golf:Wack Worlds.
Greg Bollard (Greg Ballard), CEO of Glu, said that the iPhone - wonderful game platform. Some toy company created exclusively for tachfona (eg, Glyder), as part of multiplatform title (Build-a-lot).
This is a change of direction, updating the company. We want our toys have been so good as far as possible - said Bollard.


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