On the GoGo. ru a search for PDA-site

November 19, 2008, 2:54 pm

on the gogo. ru a search for pda-site   Mobile version of search engine GoGo. Ru invited users to search for sites optimized for size screens of mobile devices (PDA-sites). New functionality will appreciate the many owners of cell phones, smartphones and PDAs. Earlier, GoGo Mobile rely on WAP-search resources. There are currently indexed more than 15, 7 million pages of 35, 1 thousands of PDA-sites.
Service pda. gogo. ru offers search sites that are optimized for use with mobile devices. In developing the search for PDA-used search engine sites GoGo. Ru. Thus, for the moment pda. gogo. ru supports all the features of search, including work with synonyms and misspellings and opportunities pre-request. In particular, assess the proximity of words, flexible processing algorithm for stop-words, the special treatment of certain words (such as geographical terms). However, the search engine has been adapted by the specificity of the mobile environment and the PDA-sites.


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