Golden Phone:choose the best phone year

December 10, 2008, 11:14 am

golden phone:choose the best phone year   Each of us have things we use every day. The book, clothing, telephone. However, each year selecting the best literary work or a better brand of clothing, we forget about our small but indispensable mobile assistant.
Thanks to the Gold Prize phone (incidentally, the first of its kind) that this omission will disappear once and for all.
The best phones for years version Runet users - so reads the slogan Prize. Indeed, the responsibility to choose the best mobile device for years, had no small number of mobile workers, but for users who are more or less interested in news mobile market, with fresh proposals cellular operators, and network shares salons connection.
The voting is conducted in several categories, among them a better choice of devices to a certain segment (of a better Devolving the Costs to tachfona), as well as special category Best Design, Best buy (the best product for the price-quality), brand-year, Cellular operator of the year and Riteyler year.
The organizer of Internet Phone Gold Award - 2008 - Portal Mobiset. ru. Information support to the prize have 3DNews Daily Digital Digest - the first independent Russian online publication devoted to computer technology, the agency InterNovosti and women`s magazine myJane.


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