Google Book Search goes mobile

February 8, 2009, 3:43 pm

   Google has launched a version of the service Google Book Search, designed specifically for mobile devices. Users of iPhone, and devices based on Android operating system will now be able to access the database of more than 1, 5 million books. All of this literature is optimized for viewing on small displays on mobile devices.
The creators of the new version of the service to share with the public interesting history of the preparatory work for such a large number of books. In normal use Google Book Search users will show the scanned images of these books. Viewing from a mobile they proved very inconvenient. Then the developers decided to recognize the text file and is not a picture, a text document. All would have had if it were not for recognizing errors, caused by factors such as the original fonts, blurry printing, etc.
In the market of electronic devices for reading books in the past year there has been rapid growth. Prospects for this year, despite the crisis, no less bright and Google is going to continue active development of book services.


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