Google can now go on ads

September 10, 2008, 9:07 pm

google can now go on ads   Russian Google users can assess the beta version of the new search service announcements. It can search for private ads, collected from the top sites Runeta. To date, a new service does not include ads about cars and real estate, but it can be found at the announcement of wavy parrot, on tractors, refrigerators, programmers, tutoring and more. Currently, the service is already half a million ads, and their number will increase as additions to the index of new sites.
To find a seller (and buyer) interesting product, the user can work with the complex demands that endured in a typical paradigm Google. Service tell those categories that are relevant to the query best. After choosing a category, you can restrict your search to only one topic. You can clarify the choice, asking a range of prices, dates, city and the site where the announcement added. Ads can be sorted by price and freshness. After a search list of ads will be withdrawn. If you fail the mouse cursor to the title you want ads, you`ll see an extended description, including a picture and if it is. Then clicking on the title, which will be followed by back to the site where the announcement was published.


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