Google helps in the fight for the ecology of the world

March 12, 2009, 12:40 pm

   The search giant does not remain on the sidelines of environmental issues and became a co-founder of Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI) in order to teach users how to build a green future. In fact, all wanted to know how you can really do, so that global responses, too, Google does not, but something to do helps. The search giant invites users to take care of nature, using the tools to adjust the power of personal PCs, as well as to acquire the most energy-efficient solutions that do not get to good smoked air locomotive.
The proposal at first glance seem not too serious, but Google already miscalculated. In fact, such an approach to acquire and use a single PC avoids venting about half ( !), Carbon dioxide, plus it saves about $ 60 for electricity. Given that the PC on the planet is far from one, the effectiveness of this approach is very high. Training courses on how to make computers less greedy and more energy efficient, be read in colleges and universities around the world. Well, long overdue !


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