Google holds a competition of original ideas in the Ten-hundredth degree

September 25, 2008, 5:40 pm

google holds a competition of original ideas in the ten-hundredth degree   Google has announced the start of Ten to one-hundredth degree, which should provide ideas that can change the world and help people.
The initiative Ten of the hundredth degree Google takes users to original ideas that can improve the lives of people around the world. $ 10 million prize fund will be distributed among the 5 projects-winners to their authors could translate their ideas into reality. Projects can be small or large, technology driven, or is simple. The only condition - they must be useful and feasible. In the first phase, Google will select the 100 best ideas, and then asks users to vote - which, in their view, it is necessary to fund. As a result of the 20 finalists special jury will determine the top five most worthy projects, which will receive prize money. Apply to participate in the project could be up to 20 October.
Here are some examples of projects that, according to Google, can be really useful. For example, a team consisting of only two people seeking to help millions of people forced on his own shoulders a heavy buckets of water over long distances. To solve this problem have been developed a device called The Hippo Water Roller. This device is a container volume of 24 gallons, which can roll on the ground. Another project - First Mile Solutions - offers a simple but effective solutions to ensure people in developing countries access to the Internet. According to a plan of the project, Wi-Fi devices will be placed in buses, so that users can receive and send e-mails and the accumulated messages when a bus traveling through the territory, where the Internet is unavailable. Google welcomes ideas that can really change the better the everyday lives of many people.


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