Google knows where we are looking

February 12, 2009, 9:55 am

google knows where we are looking   Why not just deal with the creators of the most popular search engine. One of the ways in which professionals Google is usability. To do this, apply a variety of methods, and recently shared with the public some of the results of research. Google uses many different tools to track users` actions and try to figure out where we see most often. It turned out that for the most part we see, as expected, in the upper right part of the site.
Also, a Google associate the location of the mouse pointer to the place where the user aims glance, but this method has the error as well and all the rest. The video clearly shows how, where and when users are watching. Google Experts believe that information about where in the moment watching users is most useful in product development.


• google knows what we are searching
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