Google Latitude considered too dangerous for the safety of users

February 9, 2009, 12:30 pm

   The other day, the search giant released Google Latitude extension for Google Maps, allowing users to track the location of friends or family using your mobile. Just as soon as the representatives of the organization Privacy International expressed serious concern about the technology. In their view, many people consider Google Latitude as a very attractive product, but in reality, with the help of Google infringes the privacy and security. In its current form, Google Latitude can become an excellent tool in the hands of those who would abuse the service.
In Google believes that the security and privacy provided with sufficient, but the project is constantly being improved, so that the wishes and complaints of users will be tracked. If there are any signs of fraud will take appropriate action. At the same time, analysts of the Gabriel Consulting Group believes that the new development of Google is interesting, despite the potential problems with confidentiality.


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