In the Google Map Maker is now possible to ask directions

March 13, 2009, 11:30 am

in the google map maker is now possible to ask directions   A few months after the debut of the service Google Map Maker, which allows users to add a road to uncharted areas of the map on Google Maps, the developers have implemented the ability to add destinations. For example, using this service, people can edit the details of roads, such as an indication of the direction of the resolution turns, intersections, street names, etc.
Another object of the service is to work on errors in Google Maps. Indication for help in identifying the road map, which closed down, defaced, not completed or is not connected to each other. Google Map Maker allows you to edit the card in 160 countries, including such exotic places as Paraguay, Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, Venezuela and Iceland. In Google hopes that work to improve the cards will move much faster it is because each user will be able to make a small contribution, that amount will lead to excellent results.


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