Google SketchUp 7:Simple 3D-editor

November 19, 2008, 3:22 pm

google sketchup 7:simple 3d-editor   Check seventh version of Google SketchUp. The program goes in two versions - a free, with limited capabilities, and SketchUp Pro at a cost of $ 395.
Among the latest innovations include the special 3D-model, placed in Group Dynamic Components. These models interesting that behave like real objects they represent. For example, when the dynamic scaling ladders would be reduced or increased levels. Thus, Dynamic Components make it possible to scale objects, not distorting them.
In SketchUp 7, you can search for library models Google 3D Warehouse, using an embedded browser. Through this program component, you can find, download and upload into the correct model, as well as to evaluate them.
In the professional version of a new tool LayOut, for creating and sharing professional presentations created on the basis of models SketchUp. LayOut 2 enables the transfer of SketchUp models on paper. In addition, users of SketchUp Pro can create their own 3D-model Dynamic Components.
free version of SketchUp 7 can be downloaded from here, the size of 32 MB. Also available for download trial version of SketchUp Pro.


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