Google Translate now knows the language of 41

March 6, 2009, 6:11 pm

google translate now knows the language of 41   The number of languages the service Google Translate has now reached 41, seven of which appeared in the list only recently. Despite this, Google has still not removed the prefix beta, although a number of languages have already covered almost all the inhabitants of Earth. According to Chin, Jeff (Jeff Chin), the last 7 languages are a sort of turning point. This means that the service can now transfer to 98% of Internet users. Number of languages has increased from 2 to 41 in just a few years of hard work polyglot and developers from Google.
In view Google (and deservedly) that their service is first provided the possibility of machine translation, and the best among the competition-type Microsoft Windows Live translator. Nevertheless, they also note that neither the competitors nor Google Translate can not cope with the semantic component of the translation, but the basic translation, sufficient to ensure that anybody can understand what any question there. However, Google Translate is why Beta, that it is constantly improving.


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