Google Translate works on the iPhone

June 29, 2008, 4:24 pm

google translate works on the iphone   Google has introduced a special version of its Google Translate service for mobile phone iPhone. It is anticipated that the service is also adapting to modern communication devices from other manufacturers.
For services must be connected to the Internet. Earlier translated phrases and words will be stored in memory and be in the public domain. Service works with 24 languages, including Chinese, French and Japanese. Annex C am a British programmer Hatchisonom Allen (Allen Hutchison) from Google UK in just a few weeks.
similar program launched company Jajah, in the expectation that it will enjoy success during the Olympics in China. However, this application running mainly in audio, shortly after running out of service. Representatives of Google say that their product release date has nothing to do with the international festival of sport.


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