Google wants to implement search and voice mail

March 15, 2009, 7:26 am

   Started testing the service, which allows to carry out the transcription of voice mail messages, so that they too could use a search function. Now Google will offer this service only to existing customers GrandCentral Communications. This is a telecommunications provider, which the search giant bought in July 2007.
GrandCentral offers a number through which they will be able to redirect calls to their work, home or mobile phone. In doing so, the filtering of calls, record conversations and implemented to gain access to the archive records. According to Google, transcriptional service at the moment is the only fully automated service on the market. So the translation of speech into text with errors will inevitably occur, but on this problem in Google methodically worked. It is noteworthy that recently a translation of speech into text, borrowed and Skype together with Spinvox. Service of Skype in tekct translates it and sends it in the form of SMS.


• implement search mail
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