GPS market to absorb mobilnikov in 2009

October 15, 2008, 6:22 am

   Manufacturers of GPS-chips are very carefully watching the market in GSM-machines, because the market srednetsnovyh and low-cost machines will create new mass markets for navigation chipsets. To date, with support for GPS chips is firmly settled in the smartphone - the device produced the leading manufacturers of portable electronics:Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Palm and obzavelsya support GPS and popular iPhone.
As for the less functional GSM-phones, the GPS position so far frankly weak, but the mass market makes it very attractive to manufacturers of integrated circuits. Nevertheless, GPS-adapters for mobilnikov must possess a number of characteristics:small size, low power consumption, the possibility of a full-fledged work in a city where to catch a direct signal from the satellite it is virtually impossible. In other words, devices for personal navigators are not quite suited for use in mobile phones.
In connection with the above features to the fore may well go multifunctional integrated circuits, which combine not only support GPS, but also equipped with an integrated FM-receiver, an adapter Bluetooth wireless data transmission and Wi-Fi. It is similar odnokristalnymi decisions ahead.
According to information from the analysis of companies, such as solutions for mobile phones should be available in the market as early as next year, and among manufacturers of chips with an interest in the production of multifunctional chips indicated:Broadcom, Atheros, NXP, and Texas Instruments. And if such large companies to seriously take over the production of GPS-chips, they now find navigation with a mobile phone will not unique feature of individual models, a standard for all manufactured devices.


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