Grand Theft Auto 4 came out on the PC

December 3, 2008, 1:39 am

grand theft auto 4 came out on the pcgrand theft auto 4 came out on the pcgrand theft auto 4 came out on the pc 
grand theft auto 4 came out on the pc   The U. S. release was a promising project Grand Theft Auto 4 - the digital version of the famous adventure console, which has already managed to sell around the world and a huge print run dokatitsya even to Japan, where Western entertainment is not too popular. Without a doubt, this is one of the major projects this year for users who have not yet udosuzhilis acquire device. Read our impressions of the Xbox 360 version of the project here. I think that is not to say that this game is that it buy and run. At least in order to visit the virtual streets of Brighton Beach and catch a radio Choi.

Here you can find new videos Grand Theft Auto 4, but there is a detailed description of the installation project on the PC. It also describes all technical issues related to the productivity of the project.
In Russia, the project company publishes 1C.
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