Graphics chip RV740 and GDDR5 - odd couple

December 22, 2008, 8:42 am

graphics chip rv740 and gddr5 - odd couple   Conquer the 40-nm tehprotsessa for the company AMD is behind us. The time has come to define the operating frequency of new devices based on the chip RV740. Will the frequency formula is different from any of the decisions Radeon HD 4670 and HD 4650 is not yet clear, but one of the most interesting moments of testing engineering samples of graphics cards based on RV740 chip is known.
Nordic resource explains that the testing of such decisions occur in conjunction with the type of graphics memory GDDR5, operating at a frequency of 900 MHz (3600 MHz QDR). It used memory production Qimonda, formerly used in graphics Radeon HD 4870 and Radeon HD 4870 X2. Of course, the reader may wonder about the appropriateness of such links, as odd that otherwise do not call.
It seems that the main purpose of such a union is the high-capacity memory GDDR5. Developers will be able to concentrate on determining the optimal balance between operating frequency graphics processor and the level of power consumption. Knowing that there is no effect butylochnogo neck. You can also make another assumption that the lineup decisions based on the RV740, will be equipped with a memory with a 128-bit interface. Otherwise, why wee an expanded bus use more memory and speed GDDR5.
looking a bit forward, you can see how our news will note titled Some manufacturers provide video cards based on RV740 chip memory GDDR5. Learn early next year.


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