The growth of prices for cards microSD:Managed trend ?

December 24, 2008, 12:56 pm

   In the search for ways to increase the prices of flash memory manufacturers of those products bearing the recent significant losses, go to a variety of tricks and ruses. Thus, according to the Taiwanese IT-Information Resource The Digitimes, the latest attempt to raise prices - this time successfully, took the company Samsung Electronics.
According to industry sources, the reduction in supply flash cards microSD format from Samsung Electronics, the prices of these products only for the day has increased by 50%.
is also interesting to note that a similar plan of action - that is, reducing the volume of supply flash memory NAND-type, in the current quarter, the company has made Toshiba and Hynix. In particular, Toshiba has reduced the supply of chips flash memory NAND-type at 30%. Thus, taking advantage of this situation with a decrease in shipments, Samsung reinforces this tendency, in the hope of raising the price of microSD cards and other products based on NAND-flash.
In general, the projected waiting companies producing flash memory are that the limited supply of NAND-flesha allow prices hold at current levels - even before the Chinese Lunar New Year. That is, at least a couple of months.


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