Grudge director is working on a horror Feel for Wii

April 11, 2009, 12:07 pm

grudge director is working on a horror feel for wii   In the fresh issue of Famitsu has the information according to which the Japanese director Takashi Shimizu (Takashi Shimizu), known for his horror (in particular the movie The Grudge), started producing video games.
They say that the specialist is working with AQ Interactive, issuing Bullet Witch, and Vampire Rain (another company shut down mysterious Cry On). Together they are going to release an exclusive Wii-horror called Feel. Shimizu (Shimizu) to act as adviser to the horrors, so get ready to appear in this terrible blue toy boys, and other attributes of the Japanese horror.
In Feel lazat on-users to be a huge house, inhabited by ghosts, using the Wii controller as a flashlight. Apparently, the charge of the flashlight will be the analogue of the main character`s life force, although it is not clear how this system works.
Feel with cooperative two people went to Japan this summer.
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