Guide to disperse MSI Wind U100

October 27, 2008, 9:49 am

   Given the very limited capacity netbukov, the possibility of even a small dispersal will certainly be welcomed by experienced users to cheers. This was sympathetic company MSI, recently formally introduced a new version of BIOS for Wind U100, which allows for increased memory requirements for videouskoritelya up to 224 MB and increase the clock speed processor.
Note that the opportunity to disperse was laid in a trial beta at No. 1. 08, is now also available for download brought to mind the official version 1. 09. The new version corrected some mistakes earlier, including non-functioning keys Home, Page Down, Page Up and End, dead hand Fn Insert, as well as some problems with profiles Sleep and Hibernation.
After updating the BIOS, even without activation function disperse netbuka speed increases by about 5% compared with version 1. 08 (and even more compared with older versions). You can also increase the frequency of the processor Intel Atom by 8%, 15% or 24% (from 1600 MHz to 1984 MHz). Thus, the total increase could reach about 30%. Using an additional 2-GB memory Corsair ValueSelect RAM result in 3DMark 03 at 716 points, the dispersal of 24% has achieved 929 points. For BIOS version 1. 08 result in the staffing mode was 685 points, and in breaking up - 868 points.
Especially for owners netbukov MSI Wind source of step-by-step instructions for updating the BIOS and the subsequent dispersal of the computer. Immediately warned that in such cases there is always a risk of damage to the device and the entire responsibility for your actions rests entirely on you.

  • Before the BIOS firmware are strongly encouraged to turn off netbuk, get the battery, connect the power adapter from the network, and only then upload your computer.
  • Download the package, which includes BIOS 1. 09, and a new version of Flash tools for BIOS firmware that is running Windows.
  • Turn off your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, disconnect all peripherals, close all anti-virus scanners and fayrvolly. Make sure the power button is programmed to turn off the computer and not translated into standby or sleep.
  • Create a folder on the system drive (C) with the name FLASH and unpack all the files from the archive into that folder. Click Start (Start), continue to Run (Run), and type in the line of command cmd, then click OK. In the new command console, type cd to return to the root directory, then type cd flash to go to the directory FLASH. Dial runflash to start the process of updating the BIOS. Now wait until the process is complete. If the keyboard does not respond immediately to panic not, turn off your computer using the mouse or press the power button. Leave netbuk alone and Get a power cord from about 20 seconds.
  • Replace the battery and start the computer. Make sure that the USB-ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, keyboard and mouse work fine. If there are any problems or netbuk does not start at all, see Troubleshooting below.
  • If successful, restart Windows and log in BIOS (for it is enough to press Del when you see a screen saver with a logo MSI), go to Advanced, in the menu, select the desired mode DOC disperse (8%, 15 % Or 24%), also make sure that the menu SpeedStep is set to Enabled (this will translate processor to the reduced power consumption when idle). Recommended for beginning to establish the lowest value (8%) with a stable work can increase the dispersal of up to 24%.
  • Press F10 to save all the settings and exit the menu BIOS. Now, after booting Windows when you press a combination of Fn F10 netbuk transferred to disperse and the display should appear inscription Turbo On, a LED power indicator lights up in orange (with the power network). If you are offline, pressing Fn F10 translate netbuk to Eco Mode and the power indicator light green.

  • Troubleshooting:
    • If netbuk does not start, try to disconnect the battery and vydernut power cord from around 20 seconds, or when connected to the mains hold down the power about 10 seconds;
    • If you have a single memory may be required in the BIOS set Onboard Memory in Disable;
    • try to activate/deactivate AHCI in the BIOS;
    • If you do not icon appears Turbo On, perhaps you need to install System Control Manager;
    • If it fails, contact technical support MSI or looking for assistance in online communities.


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