Hackers can gain access to the web camera and microphone through Flash

October 10, 2008, 1:34 pm

hackers can gain access to the web camera and microphone through flash   The company Adobe has warned users about the possibility of hackers using a new type of attack aimed at the inclusion of a remote microphone and webcam computer. According to the company, the attack can be executed by Flash. Hackers may compel the user to visit a malicious site and make it a few mouse clicks. Despite the fact that such an act, at first glance, it seems innocent, in fact, thanks to these clicks hackers can gain remote access to the microphone and a web camera connected to your computer.
Currently, only Adobe is working on a patch, which closes this vulnerability in Flash. So far, as an interim measure of protection, safety manager for Adobe advised users to follow these steps:go to the manager Flash with a web browser and select Always deny.


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