HAL:sverhlyudey era will come to the end of the year

April 12, 2009, 9:51 am

hal:sverhlyudey era will come to the end of the year   If fifteen years ago, we delight unprecedented power and inhuman abilities Robokopa, today stories about supercheloveke no surprise. The point is that very soon everyone will be able to improve its muscles several times with the help of high technology. It is about the development of specialist Japanese company Cyberdyne. Borrowing the name of the corporation bad guys from the movie Terminator, Cyberdyne engineers decided to start mass production of clothes, which will significantly expand the range of the human body.
According to the developers, with such a suit because of the hands and feet can be increased tenfold. Remarkably, that did not have to press any button and the pull of strings - HAL (namely the so-called device) automatically reads the signals of the brain by means of special sensors.
In order to protect the owner of cheap toys from the strains and fractures (the first commercial samples of HAL will cost approximately $ 4200), a suit fitted with special security system which will control speed, mechanisms for overcoming the distance.
Despite the high cost, experts Cyberdyne expect the positive market reaction to the news. Disagree with them you can, in fact superhuman capabilities are in demand everywhere - from the aftermath of emergency, to perform military tasks, and work on the farm. In addition, high-tech suit could give a second life for persons with disabilities.
It is assumed that the appearance on the market for such devices would trigger the development of mankind. It would be nice, now only a beautiful story does not become a plot similar to old movie in which sverhlyudi sverhlyudmi quarreled with each other and quickly interrupted.


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