Half a billion viewers of mobile TV by 2013

February 12, 2009, 10:30 am

half a billion viewers of mobile tv by 2013   Many mobile operators are spending millions of dollars on technologies for broadcast mobile TV, but its popularity among users remains very low. According to ABI Research study in 2013, the army of mobile TV viewers will rise to 500 million.
As the analysts of the development of such services would benefit not only users but also content providers, manufacturers of mobile devices, the developers of technology. The audience in the future will be not only the owners of phones, but users of Internet devices, drivers of motor vehicles.
As soon as you have the right content and services will be launched, mobile TV stops positioned as a technology for phones - will be new classes of devices optimized for mobile entertainment - signed Jeff Orr (Jeff Orr), Senior Analyst, ABI Research.


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