Hidden Administrator 2. 4:remote administration

December 22, 2008, 12:16 pm

   Developers Hidden Administrator reported the release of new versions of the program. This product is designed for remote administration and management of computers on the network and the Internet. Among the innovations in version 2. 4 wishes to acknowledge the ability to display warning on a server connected to the customer as well as limiting access to the remote computer.
The main features:

  • get full access to the remote computer;
  • covert monitoring of remote computers;
  • simultaneous monitoring of multiple computers ( up to 256 PCs);
  • images from remote screen movie format of AVI;
  • monitor running programs and visited sites;
  • obtaining information from full-DOS window;
  • sound on the network in real time;
  • remote installation server program;
  • sending messages to the remote location;
  • exchange communications with the remote computer (IM);
  • shutdown and restart a remote computer;
  • information about the system;
  • work with the registry from a remote computer;
  • completion of any application on a remote computer;
  • automatic completion of applications and processes;
  • launch programs on the remote computer;
  • automatically search for running servers (search computers to connect);
  • password protection connection to the remote computer;
  • restrict the rights of access to a remote computer;
  • provide general access to the remote location;
  • to turn off the remote computer at a specified time;
  • installation of a password to change the server settings;
  • Screenshot remotely preservation of the screen;
  • remote printing of documents;
  • filtering IP addresses;
  • data encryption.


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