High corpus Lian Li PC-A05N format Mini Tower

February 26, 2009, 11:10 am

high corpus lian li pc-a05n format mini towerhigh corpus lian li pc-a05n format mini tower 
high corpus lian li pc-a05n format mini tower   The range manufactured by Lian Li Industrial Co.computer model of a corps under the symbol PC-A05N the form-factor Mini Tower, which is an attractive appearance, high quality assembly and well thought out interior design.
The product is made entirely of aluminum, is equipped with all necessary means to reduce vibration and allows the use of standard power supply ATX PS/2, which provided for placement in front of the chassis.
New devices compatible with standard ATX and M-ATX, has seven expansion slots and can hold two 5, 25-inch device and four 3, 5-inch drive. This cooling system includes a pair of 120-mm fans (front and rear), rotating at a speed of 1500 revolutions per minute, while a set of interfaces is derived out of the two USB 2 connectors. 0, IEEE 1394 port and a jack for headphones and microphone.
As for the dimensions and weight of Lian Li PC-A05N, they amount to 210 x 381 x 490 mm and 4 kg, respectively.


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