HIPER M1000:kilovattny BP for gamers

December 1, 2008, 8:18 pm

hiper m1000:kilovattny bp for gamers   Recently, the company HIPER demanding gamers were pleased with announcement of new models of power supply series M1000 power 1000 VT. According to available data, in line with new standards 80PLUS (certified 80 PLUS Bronze) and held a series of tests on systems with NVIDIA 3-way SLi, QUAD SLI, Hybrid SLI.
model also boasts the presence of four lines 12B, compatibility with systems based on AMD and Intel, low-noise (20 dB). Mesh material provides effective cooling elements and air circulation. The modular design allows you to connect only the necessary number of cables and connectors. Very soon power supplies HIPER M1000 will be on sale at a price of $ 189.


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