Hitachi and General Electric to fill the shortfall of energy in Southeast Asia

June 1, 2008, 3:13 pm

   Hitachi Ltd. and General Electric Co. are planning to enter the market sized nuclear reactors to meet growing demand for small power plant in Southeast Asia and other developing markets. These companies are still engaged in only large reactors capacity of over 1 300 MW and competed with Westinghouse, division of Toshiba Corp. , As well as with French company Areva and its partner Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.
Hitachi and GE have already begun to trade sized reactors and hope to fulfil the first orders at the beginning of the next decade. Price reactors will, as expected, $ 1, 9-2, 8 billion Countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand, are turning to nuclear power, to counter rising prices of crude oil. Seeing this trend many companies to push nuclear power sector in the region to offer its services.
The project is scheduled to deliver nuclear reactors with boiling water capacity from 400 to 600 MW, as well as improved versions of their capacity from 600 to 900 MW. Station 1 000 MW power can provide electricity to 1 million households.
Following the announcement of these plans Hitachi shares soared on the Japanese stock market by 2%.


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