Hitachi TravelStar 5K500. B:focus on reliability and environmental friendliness

November 27, 2008, 2:49 pm

   The company Hitachi Global Storage Technologies recently announced the availability of mobile hard disk TravelStar 5K500. B, which combines encryption technology and high environmental friendliness:the disc is made without using halogen-free, and rates energy use when reading/writing are among the lowest in the industry.
Increased data security is ensured through the implementation of data encryption technology Bulk Data Encryption (BDE). Moreover, TravelStar 5K500. B felt the first disc, which is consistent with standard safety data established by the Trusted Computing Group.
Technology BDE uses a private key security encryption when recording data on disk and to decrypt them reading, it gives you the highest available level of data protection. Support for standard TCG Storage Security, implemented in the model Travelstar 5K500. B, involves authentication at the hardware level before loading the operating system and provides up to 4 data sets, each of which is supported by several user and administrative accounts.
power a hard disk during read and write at 1, 4 W, which is lower than the other 2, 5-inch hard drive capacity of 500 GB, presented today in the market. The rotational speed of spindle model Travelstar 5K500. B at 5400 rpm, capacity - from 120 to 500 GB. The hard disk capacity that can store up to 125 hours of video format HDTV, 500 hours of standard quality video, 178 movies, 125 thousand 4-minute tracks in MP3 format or 250 games.


• 5K500.B reliability
• 5k500 reliability
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