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March 8, 2009, 12:00 pm

home math help make online service   Some of the most enterprising Frenchmen decided to launch an online service that allows to solve problems in mathematics. It is a place where children from all over the world can place their problems that they encountered in school, and the French students solve math and it will put the answer. Of course, the project is not a charity - for the use of the service you pay, but pay it, according to the French, is quite modest.
For example, the average mathematical problem is 5 euros, and there are special editions with the presentation slides in PowerPoint, and voice-over to look in a mathematical question, without a living teacher. These services are the French estimate of 80 euros. To this idea is not liked is the teachers of secondary and higher schools. In their view, such services only to destroy the education system as students, rather than gnaw granite science into consumer services. However, the founders of the site suggests that in fact it is not, and students do well you will need to learn the material. Indeed, in the exam on-line assistant with them will not.


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