Home supercomputer already very close

March 24, 2009, 11:06 am

   In the next three years, most PC users will see how their cars will become a personal supercomputers. This transformation will be possible because of the emergence of multi-core CPU and, perhaps more importantly, the massive parallelism of nuclei in the processing of graphics.
ATI and NVIDIA have offered programmable core in their discrete graphics cards higher price range. These kernels can be programmed to perform multiple concurrent tasks, which leads to a sharp increase the quality of output on the display signal. However, these platforms have a high price and often consume a lot of energy, making it impractical to use in portable equipment.
But the preparatory steps have been taken to ensure that these solutions could be used on almost any machine. Manufacturers tend to create integrated multi-core platforms with 64 (or more) nuclei, which can be used in combination with various multi-CPU, already available in the market. Using the most advanced semiconductor technologies (32 nm and then 22 nm) and new classes of devices will achieve unprecedented computing power. They will also be able to move from the original graphically-oriented tasks that they are doing now, to multitasking applications related to business and personal activities.
The future will bring many other standard tasks, which are now run on mainframe and high-performance servers, the conventional PC, accompanying a significant increase in capabilities to recover data from large databases, the improvement of corporate computing, increased security and improved virtualization capabilities for all forms of data . The power of these machines is the case with the use of machines sverhproizvoditelnymi graphics processors, connected together, for breaking WPA-encryption, commonly used for protection of Wi-Fi connections.
the producer, lead technology development in this area, is Intel, whose advances in semiconductor technology will allow the company to achieve such tight integration capabilities with the ruler of their CPUs. Development platform Larabee will be cost-effective and integrated into the core processor architecture Intel. AMD is also developing and building multiyadernyh similar devices, but it would be difficult to get even with the technological level of Intel. It was expected that AMD will offer a more competitive price for the product in accordance with their strategy of offering affordable CPU for a reasonable price for the systems.
Analysts expect that most of the changes in the market will suffer NVIDIA. Since it has already established an excellent graphics subsystem, but the lack of full compatibility with the CPU to integrate its graphics put her in a difficult situation that will lead to crowding out the company of many market niches, with the exception of the most innovative solutions. It is anticipated that this sector of the discrete graphics will be 5-10% of the total market. Intel and AMD will control the remainder of its integrated platform, with Intel to get the share of 75-85% of the market.
As a result, after several years of significant proliferation of programmable multiyadernyh integrated chips, added to the CPU, the desktops and laptops, allowing for a significant transformation in operations to the data and their presentation. Standard PC greatly expand the types and amounts of treatment available for each individual user. It will take some time, so that was able to catch up with hardware, but as soon as it happens, there will be a significant increase in individual productivity, the capacity of the presentation and manipulation of data from the average PC user.


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