Honda Motor vehicles save gasoline

November 28, 2008, 8:16 am

honda motor vehicles save gasolinehonda motor vehicles save gasolinehonda motor vehicles save gasoline 
honda motor vehicles save gasoline   The Japanese company Honda Motor seriously engaged in developing innovative solutions to reduce fuel consumption by car. In particular, the company recently spoke about his new initiative Ecological Drive Assist System, which includes a number of useful functions.
ECON Mode automatically control speed and the speed and reduces fuel consumption. The system controls the air-conditioning, increasing the time of charging batteries while reducing speed, etc.
The function of driving guide is that the car advised, as is moving, not to spend extra gasoline. Speedometer is now equipped with special color LEDs. When the optimum fuel consumption - the background is green. If you have the advantage of a relative or non-burn fuel - sineet screen.
on the dashboard also has a special display that shows how well you save fuel. To do this, a special system of points. Using this screen you can see how much you saved gasoline over the past three trips.
first assess the particular Ecological Drive Assist System will be able buyers of hybrid cars Insight, which appears to automobile Japan by 2009.


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