Honda showed sportkar on hydrogen fuel

November 24, 2008, 9:26 am

honda showed sportkar on hydrogen fuelhonda showed sportkar on hydrogen fuel 
honda showed sportkar on hydrogen fuel   The Japanese car manufacturer Honda in the course of L. A. Auto Show showed the audience an unexpected concept - a sports triple car running on hydrogen fuel. The company also publicly stated that sees hydrogen as a viable alternative to traditional hydrocarbons today, with the new fuel over all vehicles without exception, including sportkary.
However, the very interesting concept car lovers, because novelty is very different from anything that produced or shown publicly Honda until that time. To begin with, the design was developed by members of the studio Advanced Design Studio, with one of the requirements was the creation of concept really potryasayuschego appearance.
As we have noted, the concept is a triple sportkar, with the driver`s seat is exactly the middle, and two passengers were behind him - similar to build the legendary McLaren F1. Fuel cells, produce electricity from the burning of hydrogen, are directly behind passenger seat, directly beside them are batteries, but in the back of sportkara for the rear axle - the electric motor.
Unfortunately, shown at the exhibition concept is not working - this is just a full-scale model showing how Honda sees the sports car future.


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