Honda will walk and prisedat

November 11, 2008, 6:46 am

   Imagine a bicycle pedal which is directly connected to your shoes. Some so looks a device supplied by Honda and is designed to reduce the load on the muscle man whose work is related to frequent squatting or prolonged walking. The effectiveness of this invention was confirmed by tests carried out in the company to its employees involved in the assembly lines.
Engineer June Ashihara (Jun Ashihara) reported that the device will be useful for people who work standing up, or for those who have a lot to move. This is not complicated than a bicycle, reports from the Ashihara Honda headquarters in Tokyo. Our device reduces the load on muscles and, consequently, you have less fatigue. To use the device need to saddle, boots attached to the pedals, press the start button, then you can start the movement.
Having a new device to imagine Yahoo correspondent shared his impressions:To use this device need training. But I felt like device supports me, pushing the bottom when I rise after squatting, and helped me move his feet when walking. According to the company`s Honda Motor, the system includes a computer, engine, transmission, battery and embedded sensors that record traffic rights. Commercial evaluation of the product has not yet been determined.
As expected, demand for this product will grow in Japan as the country experiencing the most rapid aging of society in the world. Many companies are also interested in the potential profits in applying this kind of ekzoskeleta to help physically impaired people. Japan - one of the leading countries in the field of robotics, using the development not only in industry but also for entertainment and communication. Earlier this year, the Japanese company Toyota Motor introduced similar to the famous Segway scooter device, supposedly intended for use by older people.
The Japanese company for the production of robotics Cyberdyne start lease on the local market in the belt fastening device to help move the limbs (hybrid assistive limb, HAL), reading signals the brain and in accordance with the help movement by mechanical prosthetic legs attached remeshkami . Honda introduced a similar but less sophisticated standard device. Right and left, it is equipped with engines, linking with designs that are mounted on the thighs, helping a person to do the movement inherent in walking. The device, tested in one of Japan`s rehabilitation offices, has helped people with disabilities in programs for rehabilitation, encouraging them to take the first steps, said an official of the Honda Kieshi Aikava (Kiyoshi Aikawa). The company conducts research in the field of mobility within a decade. One of the inventions presented by Honda, the program was android Asimo, was introduced in 2000


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