Hour Moscow - a new layer on Maps Google

March 21, 2009, 11:05 am

hour moscow - a new layer on maps google   Everyone knows that life in Moscow than any freezes for a second. Day - is the center of business activity and at night - a city full of fun and entertainment. Therefore, on Google Maps has a new layer hour Moscow. It was created for those who never stops for those who like to live in a crazy rhythm megapolis, and spares that in days of 24 hours.
Mapplet hour Moscow contains the addresses of shops, beauty salons, restaurants, clubs and other useful objects of Moscow, who worked without a break in the dream. If you have a lot of work and failing to make a manicure, to repair a car to pass things in the dry cleaning and even eat during the day, then hour Moscow just for you !
In order for the hour you Moscow was always at hand, simply add to their mapplet Maps Google. To do this, visit the site maps. google. ru, and log in to your account. Then click on the left side of the screen you want mapplet and click on the link Save to My Maps. Done. Now every time you visit our Maps page for Google, skis, clothing, fitness clubs, veterinary clinics and even a bath would be in front of you ! Click on the icon located in the right area, you`ll know the exact address of the facility, the services provided, the possibility of parking, prices and other specialized information or go to the site In The City, to learn more.


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