HP is preparing its own operating system to replace Windows Vista ?

September 16, 2008, 7:02 am

   The powerful ecosystem, which Microsoft has built the company to gain market for operating systems, Windows, begins to give a breakdown. Among the latest alarming signal worth noting rumors about the initiative of Hewlett-Packard, a leader among manufacturers of PCs and previously actively supporting software products giant, to create an ad hoc group of engineers, programmers, who will develop a new operating system. According to the publication of BusinessWeek, the new operating system, implemented on the basis of the kernel Linux, will be presented as an alternative to widely razreklamirovannoy (and in many cases forcibly imposed on the buyer) today Windows Vista.
Technical Director HP PC unit MakKinni Phil (Phil McKinney) did not deny that discussions on the development of alternative operating systems actually being in an environment engineering company, but, he claimed, this idea is not supported by senior management. In support of his words, he noted that HP is not allocated any resources to support such an ambitious project.
Despite all the excuses senior management, software companies continue to seriously consider the possibility of creating an operating system for the mass market. In their view, the new OS should be designed on the kernel Linux, but be as simple and friendly to end-users. Such a step will help, firstly, to reduce the dependence of companies on Windows, and secondly, strengthen the positions of HP in relation to Apple, which in recent years significantly increased its presence in the PC market, offering easy to use, with its own operating system.
Read in the background issue. Nine months ago, Hewlett-Packard has organized a group of so-called"custom experience"led by the former director of the company research lab Susie Wee (Susie Wee). The purpose of this command includes the development of sensor technology and software, which today are used in computers and TouchSmart PC in the complex are more convenient alternative to standard means of Windows Vista for viewing movies and digital photos. As explained Phil MakKinni, users need a simple solution that will not force them to overcome obstacles in carrying out tasks. In his opinion, Windows Vista rightly accused of slowing down computers and poorly performing certain tasks. Apparently, it is in the process of the TouchSmart PC engineers from HP and was born the idea of formulating an alternative OS.
In addition to HP, the gradual shift of interest in favor of alternative solutions and also show some other large producers, is a key partner Microsoft. For example, Intel is actively promoting versions of Linux for netbukov based on its processors Atom. Dell Company has recently submitted netbuk based on Linux, as well as considering the possibility of using Linux in their digital audio players. Another blow to Windows Vista has been the recent decision by software developer Intuit to desist from supporting this operating system in its product QuickBooks (accounting program for small businesses), instead focusing on a lower price their new products.
And while Vista serious ousting from the market in the near future is not threatened, Microsoft has been trying all means to clear the reputation of its operating system. The leaders of the company note that Vista has improved significantly since the release last year, Microsoft and a key task now is just to try to convince people in the updated OS. It has recently been allocated $ 300 million dollars for a new advertising campaign in support of Vista.


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